Vehicle values

Looking after the car you own has never been more important,


Because, if you decide to sell your car now, you will have to compete with the thousands of other sellers out there, also the current prices of used (and new) vehicles are at the lowest they have been for some time.

So, if you are looking to sell, or keep your investment, put your trust in GLO55Y Valeting to get it into the condition that meets your expectations.

Your car and the car wash

Washing the car can be a pleasure or a pain. Most modern day car washes can be the latter. TFR stands for Traffic film remover and is best known for being used to clean HGV vehicles, and whilst it does a good job on the trucks, it could strip wax and sealants from cars.

TFR is used by many “Drive in” car washes, it’s cheap and effective but it does not mean that it’s the best option for your car.

GLO55Y Valeting uses only a wax friendly car shampoo to ensure the best possible wash for your vehicle, we also use specialist wash mitts that have been designed to minimize scratches and swirl marks caused by “normal” sponges.

We can wash, wax, clean and treat your car with attention it deserves; after all, it is probably one of the second biggest purchases you will make, so why not look after it?


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